winter park mall

Winter Park Mall, located in the heart of Winter Park, FL, was hailed in the 1960s as a symbol of progress. The Mall was designed to compete directly for customers with nearby Park Avenue, the City’s traditional Main Street. Starting in the 1980s, however, Winter Park Mall steadily declined in sales and lost tenants, while Park Avenue maintained its vitality and grew stronger. Park Avenue is now known as “the Main Street that killed the Mall.”

In 1997, a consultant team from Dover, Kohl & Partners, Glatting Jackson, and Gibbs Planning Group devised a plan for the redevelopment of the mall. Created on the City’s behalf, this plan was worked out in consultation with the prospective developer. The developer has since constructed the first phase, transforming the Mall into the new Winter Park Village.

The design team shaped the initial concept and then the architecture was designed by others. Phase I of the project is complete and Phase II construction has begun. A new movie theater, shops, and restaurants have brought the property back to life; it was called “the retail leasing story of 1999″ and the press has trumpeted the Village’s “wow factor.” The new phase of the mall converts the former Dillard’s department store to residences and begins the shift from surface parking to structured parking years ahead of projections.